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Megaman Legends 3 fan game! Eventually eventually will be a proper game.

Currently very early prototype. Work List:

1. Character controller: First draft finished, needs polish & bug fixes.

2. Character behavior system: cousin to the reaver behavior system, proc anim layers on top of keyframed base layer.

3. Camera Rig: First draft finished, needs polish & bug fixes

4. Reaverbot behavior system: Currently working on this. Will hopefully have generic and some specific reaver behaviors system in place by mid-end of february. Probably have to rewrite a lot of what I've got currently.

5. Level Design/World building: Make/find as much world info, narrative info possible to distill into the level design. Also figure out platforming along the way.

  1. Level 1: First Draft Finished
  2. Level2: Currently working on this
  3. Level3: First Draft Finished

#Megaman #Rockman #3dplatformer #actionadventure #actionrpg #exploration #fangame #fighting #scifi #toon #soulslike

Install instructions

Windows only for now. Download the file, it's an .exe file. It'll install to a temp folder and then you can erase it if you want by deleting it in the temp folder in your computer. This is, imo, the easiest way for people to play the game. Also the file is like 80mb as of 01.24.20


Megaman Ancients.exe 144 MB

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