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Megaman Legends 3 fan game by Sid Naik!

First draft of full project release date(projected): End of May(:

Currently very early prototype. Work List:

1. Character Controller: Rethink lockon and shooting system. Polish and add a couple more forgiveness mechanics.

2. Character behavior system: cousin to the reaver behavior system, proc anim layers on top of keyframed base layer.

3. Camera Rig: Might have to upgrade to Cinemachine if I include cutscenes. Only needs polish + 1 bugfix otherwise.

4. Reaverbot behavior system: Made some strides recently. New update will include RBS v4. Super excited for this, might only need one more full rewrite to get to my ideal.

5. Level Design/World building: Make/find as much world info, narrative info possible to distill into the level design. Absolutely stuck here.

  1. Level 1: First Draft Finished
  2. Level2: Currently working on this
  3. Level3: First Draft Finished

#Megaman #Rockman #3dplatformer #actionadventure #actionrpg #exploration #fangame #fighting #scifi #toon #soulslike

Install instructions

Windows only. Download the file, it's an .exe file. It'll install to a temp folder and then you can erase it if you want by deleting it in the temp folder in your computer. This is, imo, the easiest way for people to play the game. Also the file is pretty small.


Megaman Ancients.exe 144 MB

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looks cool but cannot play with keyboard, I can jump but cannot move at all can you please write down control mapping to description

Sure thing I'll let you know as soon as I do! I completely forgot about keyboard mapping not gonna lie

thank you, very much appreciated